Things You Should Never Do Before Marriage

So you think you have finally found your true second half. Now, after a period of dating, you are planning to tie the knot. The excitement of a potential shared future may sometimes cloud common sense. If you notice yourself or your lover doing any of the things listed below, it is important to discuss your relationship before registering the marriage.

There are certain things potential spouses should and shouldn’t do before walking down the aisle. Here are the top five don’ts that are best avoided. Otherwise, you are likely to regret your actions. This will eventually happen, during either your break-up or married life, which makes things more complicated.

1. Holding back fear of married life

Many singles are genuinely afraid of marriage, and it is perfectly normal. After all, your life is going to change, and often dramatically. Honesty is the best strategy. You need to be able to share and discuss your concerns with your potential spouse. You may even find he/she feels the same way. Identify the roots of your fears and work together to overcome them. 

2. Being together 24/7

Sticking around your partner at any time of day and night is not healthy. Every human needs some personal space and at least a little time to be in solitude. After all, grown-ups can and do function well independently. A healthy relationship requires a balance between time spent together and separately.

3. Keeping thoughts to oneself

A healthy relationship between two loving individuals includes free expression of ideas and opinions. Whatever you really think, you need to be able to voice it. Let your partner do the same, and be a good listener. 

Sometimes, holding things back is just as bad as lying. Healthy couples need to be able to discuss things openly. Even if you are afraid your partner may react negatively, it is better to share whatever is bothering you than repress those feelings.

4. Avoiding conflicts

Being together is not all about harmony and romance. Fights and arguments will happen, and it is perfectly okay. Even the happiest couples have disagreements sometimes, and you need to learn to deal with them. They are no less important than all the hugs and kisses. 

5. Comparing wedding plans with other people’s experience

Why should other people’s wedding experience matter? Even after the engagement, it is best to focus on your own vision. Of course, your friend’s events may be used as a reference — for instance, as an example of effective event management. However, when a partner starts going on and on about how amazing a friend’s ceremony was or how disorderly your own will be, it is not good. 

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