Who is the Best Wedding Dress Adviser?

Choosing a dress is as important as choosing a groom. You need to carefully consider the company to make this difficult decision: good advisers will help, and bad ones will add unnecessary doubts. When choosing assistants, think in advance whether you trust his/her taste? Is this person truly happy for you? Can he/she be considered an experienced advisor? Let’s understand with whom it is better to choose a dress for the most important day of your life.

“Mom and friends can impose their opinion” (Lisa, 25 y. o.)

She went to the wedding boutique with a friend, and along with the sellers, they convinced her of what dress she needed. She wanted a modest and lush dress, but they attacked her with suggestions and exclamations: “With such a waist you need to choose a magnificent corset dress”.

Honestly, she is still not happy with her look. Therefore, according to Lisa, it is better to go with your husband or with a male friend, if there is a good one. Mom most likely can change the opinion of the bride.

“Don’t take a lot of people with you” (Kate, 25 y. o.)

“The main thing is that there should be no husband and mother-in-law!” However, the opinion of a man is important; therefore it is better if dad can go with you. In fact, the final word is still yours, so it’s not so important who will be there. It is good if there will be very few advisers, otherwise, they can only confuse you. In principle, parents and their best friends will be enough. If there is a good consultant in the salon, then it is possible to choose the dress yourself.

“Listen to everyone, but rely on your feelings because this is your dress” (Jessy, 22 y.o.)

“The main thing is to find the very dress, fall in love with it and buy without hesitation. I bought mine in the company of my mother and husband. It is important to take several close people with you to hear different opinions. But the most important thing is your feelings, so if you can’t immediately find what you really like, it’s better to wait and continue searching. After all, you are the one who will wear this dress”.

What is the Best Company?

So, when choosing a wedding dress it is important to invite those people you trust and can rely on. This process could be very emotional, so these people should perform both the functions of advisers and those who can calm you down.

Anyway, dress selection may become a funny occasion which you will recall all your life. Ask your friends to come and design a show around it. Good pictures and perfect mood are guaranteed.

Are you going to marry soon? Have you already chosen your wedding dress or just planning to do it? Share your experience and worries with us in the comments.

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