5 Types of Ukrainian Girls and 5 Different Weddings

Every bride wonders how to select a wedding format. Each foreign groom wonders what type of Ukrainian girls to pay attention to. This guide will define 5 types of Ukrainian girls and 5 different options to organize wedding according to https://ladadate.com/ukrainian-brides. Here we go.

5 Types of Ukrainian Girls

When it comes to the roles which girls may choose while communicating with potential grooms, it is possible to define the following ones:

  • Housewife. These women know for sure how to make your home the most pleasant and cozy place in the world.
  • Businesswoman. These brides are acknowledged how to earn money and make a successful business from ground zero.
  • Countryside woman. These girls are not scared of hard work and early getting ups.
  • Insta-girl. These well-groomed and dressed girls spend more than 3 hours on social networks.
  • Foreign groom seekers. These women are focused on moving abroad with a foreign husband.

Selecting a Wedding Format

First of all, we advise you to figure out what you both want. Do you dream of a big fabulous event or a wedding for two? There are probably no right and wrong answers. The party should be liked both partners and make your dreams come true. Here are 5 possible options to decide when choosing what really suits you.

1)     Banquet

The most universal option for making a wedding is a banquet. It is suitable for both small and large weddings. Choose a good restaurant with a delicious menu. Take care of the proper seating of the guests and enjoy the party.

2)     Cocktail

This type of wedding is especially popular today. Guests can choose the dish they want to try. Despite it is less expensive to organize, there is the opportunity to chat with other guests instead of sitting at the tables. This option is perfect for small festivity with your near and dear ones.

3)     Chamber wedding

This type of small party for 10-15 people is very fashionable in Europe. The celebration is often organized in a suburban complex or a small cafe. This will not only save money on a breathtaking honeymoon but also allow you to prepare every detail with special scrupulousness. Hall decor, gifts for guests, menus and warm atmosphere will make your day unforgettable.

4)     Picnic

A good option to celebrate a summer occasion is a picnic. Decide on the most beautiful place and prepare everything in advance. Guests can be seated at wooden tables, which are specially provided in many places of recreation. Order salads and cold cuts from the restaurant.

5)     Wedding for two

The most romantic option for celebrating a marriage is a holiday for two. When you do not need to think about guests, banquets, etc., you can enjoy the happiest moment of your life and not share it with anyone. Such an event will not only save money but will make you the closest people in the world. After all, you will have memories that belong only to you.

What are your preferences for a wedding? Share your thoughts with us in comments.

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