Is It True that Ukrainian Girls Dream of Foreign Husbands?

One of the stereotypes associated with women from Ukraine is their passionate desire to tie the knot with a foreigner. If you are wondering whether it is true, the short answer is yes. However, many reasons explain the preference and most of them are perfectly valid. 

Traditionally, women from the former USSR have been welcoming opportunities for international marriage. This gave rise to numerous marriage agencies focused on connecting foreign men and local women. In Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus, marriage to a European or American is still regarded as luck. Here is why.

1. Mindset

Slavic ladies are generally conservative and family-oriented. Life without a husband, regardless of career successes, cannot be full to them. They aspire to find love, settle down and create a healthy family, to care about their husbands and kids.  

Hence, happiness outside of a family unit is simply unimaginable. Most women only see themselves as mothers and spouses. Their mission is to care about their loved ones and bring warmth to the home. 

2. Peer Pressure

A Slavic woman is a target for social criticism until she walks down the aisle and has her firstborn. Most commonly, relatives and friends become the source of such annoyance, as they constantly pressure the girl to settle down. Despite the spread of feminism to the post-Soviet states, women still likely to give in to the pressure. 

A Ukrainian woman is generally regarded as a loser unless she meets these criteria:

  • becoming a wife by the age of 22, and
  • giving birth to the first child by the age of 25.

As a result, 30-year-olds are inevitable labeled spinsters and suffer from social condemnation. They are considered as either unlucky and miserable or unintelligent and deficient. 

3. Demographic disbalance

The number of men in Ukraine is lower than that of women, which lowers a girl’s chances to find a single man. This is a powerful factor behind women’s fascination with foreign gentlemen. 

What further complicates the situation is the disappointing life expectancy of local men. They often perish as a consequence of alcohol abuse, and few live past their sixties. The political and economic turmoil makes settling down even more difficult, as women are uncertain about their future in marriage. 

Therefore, although some Ukrainians try to exploit men for emigration purposes, there are more common and valid motives. Many Ukrainian beauties are only dreaming of a healthy family, with a husband they can rely on.

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